About Us

Being of French descent, I spent my childhood in my Grand-Parents’ kitchen, appreciating the finesse of traditional French gastronomy – my calling made itself obvious early on! After attending l’Ecole Francaise de Gastronomie in Paris to study French pastry, I went on to work and continue learning under renowned French pastry chefs producing pastries that are perfectly balanced, and not too sweet.. My goal was always to learn how to blend traditional French pastry with Innovation. I then decided to bring my passion back home to New Hampshire to offer delicious pastries, which are authentic in ingredients and techniques, but I did not want to stop at just that.

Here you will also enjoy authentic French gourmet coffees and teas in a cozy café setting, as well as my family’s favorite chocolates which are -of course- from Belgium, as Belgian chocolates are indeed the best in the world! These are the flavors and experiences that I know and want to share.

Welcome to Crémeux,

Alexandre Waddell,
Pastry Chef, Owner